It’s critical that Abaco’s concerned residents demonstrate their commitment to protecting our home by showing support in numbers. Below is a listing of upcoming events and opportunities for residents to demonstrate their support and send a strong message to elected officials and other key figures critical to the island’s well being.

Joe's Cay - Peaceful Demonstration to Show Our Support for Our Local Council's Decision

Friday - March 19th at 9am - Hope Town Council Office

A National Local Government official from Nassau is coming to meet with Hope
Town Council to preside over Cavalier's contesting of Hope Town Council's
decision on Joe's Cay several months ago- limiting the size, scale and scope
of their proposed development.

This meeting is CLOSED to all except council members and will start at
9:30 am on Friday at the Hope Town council office.

Please meet at 9am Friday March 19th for a peaceful demonstration to show our support for our local council's decision. Please spread the word!

A Sustainable Bahamas
By Karla Cosgriff from The Island School
Wednesday - March 24th at 10am

Join us for a presentation on:

A Sustainable Bahamas

By Karla Cosgriff from The Island School

Sustainable Bahamas

Friends of the Environment

DATE: Wednesday March 24th

TIME: 10am

LOCATION: FRIENDS Education Center, Marsh Harbour

MORE: The Island School and Cape Eleuthera Institute have devised a set of guiding principles that offer a common standard by which individuals, organizations, businesses, and government can be guided and measured as we move towards a more sustainable future. They propose that Eleuthera can
serve as the model to take The Bahamas forward to achieve this vision.

Join Our Mailing List!

Friends of the Environment

PO Box AB 20755

Marsh Harbour, Abaco,

Community meeting at the New Vision Ministries
Wednesday Jan. 20th at 6pm - 8pm

Abaco Cares would like to invite all of Abaco to a Community meeting at the New Vision Ministries, Wednesday Jan. 20th at 6pm till 8pm. This is to be an informative meeting on the Power Plant that is being built at Wilson City and is open to everyone.

The meeting will have speakers such as Graham Siener of Cape Eleuthera Institute will talk about their 10 years of experience with renewable energy on campus. They have a vision of Freedom 2030, Eleuthera as a model of an oil free island. Sam Duncombe of ReEarth on responsibility and conservation, Friends of the Environment speaking on the National Park proposal and Education, Julie Morris of Wildlands Conservation, NTH Consultants explaining emissions and toxicology of Bunker C Plants to name some of the speakers.

The short presentations will be followed by an open discussion where everyone is invited to ask questions and participate.

Please bring friends and family to this meeting and spread the word, be theyBahamian or Second Homeowners.

Transportation from the outlying Cays will be provided. So please let us know via email if you need transportation and how many people will want to attend. We will keep you informed about ferry times.

We hope to see you all at New Vision Ministries on January 20th at 6pm. and have you participate in this very important meeting. If you would like to volunteer, please email us and we will let you know the time to meet before the meeting.

Abaco Cares is looking forward to 2010 and working with the Community protecting what we all Love, Abaco.

Clint Kemp
President, Abaco Cares