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Wilson City Power Plant
Abaco CARES knows that Abaco needs reliable power. The Bahamian government has given the Bahamas Electricity Corporation the green light to build a new power plant in Wilson City. However, Abaco CARES is concerned about the siting and fuel type being proposed. The Wilson City power plant, as planned, will burn Bunker C, a highly toxic fuel whose emissions are considered severely hazardous to not only the residents of Abaco, but to the island's wildlife, ecology, environment and natural resources. Placing these highly valuable assets at risk poses a serious threat to Abaco's economy and welfare.

Bunker C is what is left over after diesel, kerosene and gasoline are refined out of a barrel of Crude Oil. Toxic ingredients that are banned in cleaner fuels, to protect our health, are left behind in Bunker C in a concentrated form. This is a massive public health concern.

The emissions from Bunker C power plants are so toxic that most countries can't burn it and still meet their clean air standards. The emissions are directly responsible for significant health and environmental problems, including cancer, heart and lung disease, and acid rain. The necessary pollution controls that would lessen the impact on environment and public health are not planned for Wilson City.

Furthermore, because Abaco's ecological makeup is comprised of diverse wildlife, rare ecosystems, rich natural resources and treasured landscapes, the threat of water contamination and air pollution from Bunker C can push the island to a tipping point, permanently reordering the island's environment and threatening the local economy. Abaco's reputation as a place of natural beauty will be forever ruined. The main fish nurserys and densest number of blue holes in the sea of Abaco are next to the power plant site, This area is so important that it is proposed as a National Park and a hub of tourism-related activities.

Chief among the major threats to the ecologically sensitive Bight of Old Robinson, Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park, our fresh water aquifer and the local environment are:
  • Acid rain
  • Freshwater contamination
  • Destruction of mangrove wetlands, reefs and beaches
  • Degraded natural aesthetics (marred by a 300-ft industrial loading dock right next to Sandy Cay Reef)
  • Destruction of marine life including crawfish, grouper, conch and snapper (key economic drivers)
  • Downgraded tourist appeal
  • Declining real estate prices
In addition to ecological and public health concerns, Abaco CARES is concerned with the local economy. Tourism is the primary economic vehicle for Abaco and tourism-related industries employ many of the islands residents. Water pollution from oil spills or cooling systems methods could be fatal for local fishing and boating-based businesses. Moreover, smoke stacks, noise and air pollution from the plant could decrease Abaco's attractiveness to tourists, especially with Winding Bay resort within several miles from the plant site.

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Below are several short videos underscoring the dangers posed by the Wilson City Power Plant, and an overview of what's at risk for residents of Abaco.

Bunker C at Wilson City, Abaco

Debunking B.E.C. by CleanPowerAbaco