2 Abaco CARES - Concerned Abaco RESidents

About Us:

Abaco CARES (Concerned Abaco RESidents) is a Bahamian organization made up of Bahamians, foreign residents, second homeowners and property owners that seeks to provide a common voice about local issues important to all Abaco residents. Our mission includes protecting human health and the environment, promoting sustainable development and economic growth and ensuring local participation in decisions that affect Abaco residents. As a coalition, Abaco CARES will work to ensure a sustainable and healthy future for our children.

As Abaco continues to attract interest from outside developers, financiers and other business interests, Abaco CARES will actively monitor these efforts and speak on behalf of the people to ensure full transparency, accountability and responsiveness. It is our belief that by serving as a local "watch dog” to protect and preserve Abaco’s ecological diversity, we can subsequently protect the island’s economy, local interests and culture.

For more information about Abaco CARES or to learn how to get involved, please contact abacocares@yahoo.com.