Take Action:

To ensure Abaco’s preservation and protection against special interests, it’s critical that residents make their voices heard with local elected officials, the media and fellow residents. To take action now, utilize the resources below to either sign onto a petition or send a letter to decision makers and other public entities.

Petition: Wilson City Power Plant
To send a strong and unified message to policymakers, sign onto the linked petition found below. A strong showing of resistance from Abaco’s residents will help to make the case with decision makers that the Bunker C power plant is strongly opposed by locals and will pose a serious threat to Abaco’s treasured resources and environment. Click here

Sample Letters
Below are three sample letters to help guide you in drafting your own. If you’ve already drafted your own, original letter, please send a copy to abacocares@yahoo.com, in addition to your chosen recipients.

Sample Letter 1 Click here
Sample Letter 2 Click here
Sample Letter 3 Click here

Media Outlets
Below is the compiled contact information for a handful of media outlets that cover Abaco and its issues. Please send your letters to the e-mail addresses provided below, with the title "Letter Submission: Protecting and Preserving Abaco”.
Abaco CARES: abacocares@yahoo.com

Elected Officials
Our elected officials must be held accountable for their decisions and need to know that the residents of Abaco are keeping a close eye on how their decisions will impact our economy, environment and livelihood. Please send your letters to the e-mail addresses (or physical addresses) provided below.

Prime Minister and North Abaco MP:
Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham
Office of the Prime Minister
P .O. Box CB-10980
Nassau, The Bahamas
(242) 327-1530

Hon. Phenton O. Neymour
Minister of State for Public Utilities
Ministry of the Environment
P.O. Box N-3040
Nassau, The Bahamas
(242) 322-4437

Michael Moss, Executive Chairman
or Kevin Basden, General Manager
Bahamas Electricity Corporation
P.O. Box N-7509
Nassau, The Bahamas

Hon. Edison Key
South Abaco MP
P .O. Box AB-20439
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Send to all media outlets at once: Click here!